April 2018

Project Brief

Hadramout governorate is the largest governorate in Yemen. Its  population is about (%5.2) of the population of the republic of Yemen . And the number of its districts is 30 . The governorate is one of the most important governorates that attract the tourists because of its beauty and the treasures of civilisation , originality and  rootedness . Beside it is famous for the sciences and the different folklore such as arts , literature and poetry ; all of these made this governorate the destination of  visitors and tourists .  

As a designer from Hadramout I made a project that shows the visual identity of Hadramout . This project is my graduation project from Yarmouk university the art college ; and this will shed light on the governorate in a new and modern way and it will represent the landmarks , monuments ; and link the visual image between the cities and villages among this governorate and finding solutions for some tourism problems in the governorate and make an important role in the way that the governorate shows itself in both sides - the inner and the outer Moreover . it will make a great tourism identity for the governorate and this for sure will develop the country  because if the tourism thrives the other sectors such as commercial , industrial and agricultural will be improved and thus by this way the tourism will contribute to get the hard currency to the country and for sure this will enrich the budget of the country. 

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